Juicy is a magazine that combines visual art, photography and educational articles on the social, environmental and political impacts of food. 

I'm really interested in the way food and its production affects people across the world, so I wanted to make a magazine that would be educational but approach the subject from a fun and eye-catching angle. With this first issue, I focused on the origins of the tropical fruit we eat in North America and Europe, particularly looking at the way corporations fail to protect their workers in the South. The magazine also features collaborations with different artists to create visual work, and with different writers and organizations to produce thoughtful, written content. The text and images featured on these spreads are my own :)


I reached out to speak with two organizations that I think are doing amazing work within the field of food sustainability, and raising awareness of the important role we play as consumers. Foodisms is an organization based in Spain that holds engaging events in order to educate others on the importance of eating local and organic. Banana Link is an amazing non-profit from the UK that is working to promote a fair and sustainable banana and pineapple trade, particularly between Europe, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. I recommend checking out their work!  

The Mandate

  • To encourage corporate transparency, or at least ignite an interest and curiosity in each other to demand it. 
  • To highlight the problems, trials and tribulations faced by workers in agricultural industries who go through more in one day than we can imagine. To bring them justice through awareness and for their stories to be heard.
  • To help each other understand what happens behind the scenes with our food: where does it come from? how did it get to us? We are part of something bigger.
  • To bring you the voices of those fighting to change the way the food industry works.
  • To highlight the importance of our purchasing power. 
  • To bring you inspiring art and design in the form of a colourful, insightful, and juicy publication that makes you feel empowered to make choices that benefit you and the world :)


Fruity Shoot

I created a visual essay for the publication that commented on how we often exoticize the people and places where our tropical fruit comes from. I shot and art-directed a series of images about this topic including the ones you see above. Here are a few more!


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